Personal Assistants

About us

Here at GouCARE, you don't need any certification to help us with many of our needs.

We hire caregivers, sometimes with no prior experience, to help us with our activities of daily living.

All that's required is a desire to help us carry out our wishes.

We provide a low stress work environment where you inevitably develop a rapport with another human being through one-to-one care and the trust we place on you.

Self-direction is very important to us. Having personally managed many caregivers throughout our lives, we’re well-versed in advocating for ourselves and directing our own cares. We seek out caregivers who can take guidance from us, but also work independently in accomplishing tasks and in accordance with our wishes and preferences.



Valid Driver's License

Vent Certification can be obtained after a no obligation but it is a requirement before your first shift worked. Classes are available throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Valid US Citizenship